Bryan Wynter


Adrian Selby author picABOUT ME

I grew up in Barry, South Wales and now live in Brighton, in the UK.  I’ve done all kinds of things since I left college, but mostly I’m a producer working in videogames, where I’ve had the privilege of working on games like Burnout 3, Black, Split Second and now CSR.  I’m slower and happier than I’ve ever been, not least because I’m also lucky enough to have my first novel published.  It’s a fantasy novel, called Snakewood, announced here.


Snakewood – March 2016 – pub. Orbit

Snakewood is a collection of journals and accounts, gathered together by the son of a legendary mercenary, Gant, once of the elite mercenary crew Kailen’s Twenty.  They chart the killing of the members of this long disbanded crew and Gant’s attempt to find out who the killer is.  There are also accounts of the Twenty in their prime, for Gant wanted “the end of us remembered at least, for we ruled the world like kings for a time and our story would have been its own sort of history of these lands had I long enough to recall it.”


The above image is from a painting by the St.Ives artist Bryan Wynter.  It’s called ‘Hostile Tribes’.  When I look at it I can see warriors massing for battle, but distorted through the strange and profound effect on perception wrought by the use of ‘fightbrews’.  The painting’s textures are richly suggestive of the colour that warriors turn into.  It would make a gorgeous book cover.