Brother Red – 2020 (Orbit)

Listen to the opening of the novel

Here’s me, sadly, reading chapter one of Brother Red :)



“Brother Red is grimheart poetry. That’s it. That’s the review.” – The Grimdragon

“It is a story that takes the other two books in the series, and threads them into a wholesome, complete arc – if you’re a fan of Selby, or gritty, fast-paced fantasy in general, and you also don’t mind a cry, this is certainly a book you don’t want to miss.” – Fanfiaddict

“This is an author who seems to be quietly carving out a spot as one of the most unique & exciting voices in fantasy.” – Grimdark Dad

“…this is an excellent fantasy adventure, which kept me up at night and left me staggered and cheering at times” – The Fantasy Hive

Brother Red proves to be a thrilling fantasy epic about love, loyalty, and the importance of protecting people in need.” – The Nerd Daily

“Selby has the ability to take well-worn tropes and offer fresh and unique perspectives on them” – Starburst


Exclusive Interview: Brother Red Author Adrian Selby


TBRCon21 – Grim, dark, or just fantasy – one of a series of great panels hosted by FanFiAddict that you can find here.

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