Books – The Old Ways

The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane is a book about walking country paths.

I know, that’s what I thought, and I only bought it because writers of the stature of John Banville named it as one of the books of the year on its release last year.

But then I started reading it, and I was blown away by the writing.  He writes, near the start, of paths:

“Paths were figured as rifts within which time might exist as pure surface, prone to weird morphologies, uncanny origami.” Continue reading Books – The Old Ways

Books – The Stress Of Her Regard & Sum

The Stress Of Her Regard – Tim Powers

Byron, Keats and Shelley – check.

Vampires – check.

Life or death adventures through London, Venice, Rome and the Alps – check.

As with the other Tim Powers novels I’ve read (The Drawing of the Dark, On Stranger Tides and Last Call), The Stress Of Her Regard pits a hopelessly outclassed protagonist, here Michael Crawford, against various supernatural forces in a clever weaving of Powers’s research and love of the classics, myth and folklore into the lives of the three great poets mentioned above.

He’s been called ‘the apostle of gonzo history’, which alludes to the fact he can weave a fiction in and around historical characters or places, as writers like Hilary Mantle and Ken Follett do with such aplomb, but that fiction is riotously supernatural. Continue reading Books – The Stress Of Her Regard & Sum

Books – The Intellectuals and the Masses, The Dying Earth trilogy and Little, Big

I’ll share my thoughts and recommendations here of great books I’ve read.  Here are three I’ve read recently, I’ve not read a bad book in a while it seems ;)

The Intellectuals and the Masses – John Carey

“The tragedy of Mein Kampf is that it was not, in many respects, a deviant work but one firmly rooted in European intellectual orthodoxy.”

So, I’ve spoiled the ending, but this conclusion was persuasively argued by John Carey throughout his series of essays collected in this volume. Continue reading Books – The Intellectuals and the Masses, The Dying Earth trilogy and Little, Big