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  1. Very nice. I have Beyond Redemption sitting on a shelf not 3 feet from me (pristine, unread and, therefore, unfulfilled with regard to its purpose in the universe, if you believe a friend of mine), and I just saw the cover of Hunters & Collectors a few days ago, but hadn’t looked to see what it was about; I’m now interested in reading both.

    However, I’m more interested in reading your next book and–at the risk of beginning a GRRM-esque hounding about how long the next book is taking–I was wondering where you might be in the creative process, as I quite enjoyed Snakewood and would like to continue with the story.

    Thanks in advance for any response,

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Really glad you enjoyed Snakewood! There’ll be an announcement in the next few days I expect regarding the next book so I’ll be plastering it about when that happens. It has taken a while to figure out what it should be, so I didn’t start it immediately after finishing the edits on Snakewood.
      Snakewood was always a standalone novel, but as I was writing it, I became very interested in telling the ongoing stories of a couple of the characters that manage to survive its events :) Also, I have long wanted to tell older stories in Sarun, the world in which Snakewood is set, so I’ve been pursuing these. I’m not that far along so I doubt you’ll see anything this year I’m sorry to say. Like many of our favourite authors I work full time, family etc. so with the best will in the world I don’t get an awful lot of writing time every day. It doesn’t help I’m a bit slow too (though I prefer to call it ‘thorough’) :)
      Whatever happens, I very much want to return to events immediately after Snakewood ends, as the world order will never be quite the same again…

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