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  1. This is a very interesting and worthwhile idea, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this doesn’t develop.

    It would certainly be of interest to readers who currently have no need ever to engage with the great mass of self-published books, and no desire to either, and who are also understandably suspicious of “writers’ groups” masquerading as “small presses” and all the multitudinous ugly little things out there in the digital ether which, ultimately, place the aspirations of writers way above those of readers…

    But a brand of agent-approved but technically self-published books would be very exciting indeed.

    Of course, it would blur the lines between agents and publishers, and if it worked I’m sure there’d very quickly be a tendency for agents to hang on to even the publisher-salable stuff for themselves – which would then mean that the agents actually became publishers!

    And of course, none of this would meet the approval of the vast horde of “mainstream” self-publishing champions, who would still howl bitterly about “gatekeepers”…

    1. Hi Tim,
      Many thanks for your comment, I agree completely. I know the agency I’ve just signed up to, the Ampersand Agency, have a print on demand offering in the works, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there isn’t some kind of ‘side-on’ career opportunity here for me alongside the writing :)

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